The 2018 AGC Commission


“Shadow Fragments of Ghosts Unrequited”

The AGC Commission

As seen in the top photo this was a tiny little work, it was a precious thing, a little jewel. It was “discovered” by a local interior designer who had the vision to see this small collage (6” x 3.5”) as a large format painting collage for a specified niche. The commissioned size was 63 5/8” x 54 5/8”. The challenge was in changing not only scale, but also editing the image so that the most interesting nuances of the small work could also be incorporated into the large work. Matching colors, working closely with the design materials at hand, I was able to land on a work that was compositionally interesting as well as true to the original small work. It currently hangs in main Lobby of the AGC building on Lake Union, outside of the conference rooms and Starbucks. Below is a series of images depicting the process and iterations of transitions from the early prep drawing to the final completed product, right down to the professional installation.