Shabby Bourgeois


December 2018

It has been a busy year in the studio. These works are explorations of line and space as it relates to purely non-objective abstraction. The work has been percolating to this point since about 2015. I’m very pleased with the direction it is taking.

It’s important to state that I cannot do this work alone. I rely heavily of the generous comments and appreciations of my visitors in the studio. I rely on my husband to do the common duties at home. I rely on fellow artists to keep me centered and focused on what is really working and who give honest feedback about the unique “voice” my art offers. I am aware but thankful of my experiences, in art, in life, in love, and in growing wisdom- the good and the bad decisions, outcomes, and unexpected turn of events. This work is the embodiment of all that. Unassuming, layered, chaotic, but intentional, developed and structured. Its dichotomies and complexities mirror its maker.

My favorite professor told me we don’t really find ourselves as artists until we turn 40. Though balking at that idea as a 22 year old, I embrace it now as I see how my struggles in art in and life bring me to where I exist today. As 2018 comes to a close, I like how the work continues to develop and intend to push this idea into what will become know as my Georgetown style. Wherever my future lies, this place will always have an indelible impression on the work and the later styles.

All works are for sale, please inquire directly to atelierdf7@hotmail.com for quotes.