The challenge of being Mom; and an Artist

It has become a part of normalized society to categorize women who have school-aged children to disassociate them from any sense of who they are as individuals.  In fact, we "moms" (or mums and my Brit friends insist) do perpetuate this myth though our constant prattle of our own children, our flurryof activity, and the visible stress we wear like a badge of honor.   The sheer barrage of information, which we must sift through in order to accommodate our children's every conceivable need, is rarely if ever, rectified by closure.   I partly blame this American society that has put (specifically) mothers at such disadvantage.  

If we mothers are fortunate in our economic stance, we can stay at home with our kids; of course the downside is being swallowed whole by the peculiarities mentioned above.  If we are not economically advantaged, we are working mothers who put a full day in on "the job" and, generally speaking, still have all the ordinary things on our plate: laundry, dishes, housekeeping, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, volunteering at school, schlepping the children around from activity to activity, only to recognize that regardless of our time we have still done no justice to  the genuine and noble institution of PARENTING. ...Oi Veh.  When we throw ARTIST into this mix of madness, then things get messy, throw a sprinkle of desperation for funds, or a smidgen of education into the mix and you find full-throttle chaos. 

My story, is that.  I have been a stay-at-home-mom, with all the bells, whistles and challenges that my child-priorites include.  I have lived in a segmented population that has no fine art, so I collect Art books and pour over them to question and ponder the magic that great art captures.  After the great recession of 2008, when our family found great misfortune through bankruptcy and foreclosure and a vagabond lifestyle that would rival a military family, my art took a backseat.  I tried to re-enter the workforce, I earned a Higher Degree and  a professional certificate, I volunteered for too many institutions and organizations and I got no closer to myself, or my art.  I struggled to stick to a style, to a medium and to a creative work-ethic, family relied on me, absolutely.  

So the website was never really undertaken, the materials and framing of art was never really affordable, space was always a challenge, and time was always pinched.  The art, for which I have pursued as a career since I was 18 years old, along with the passion, education, and rigor had  incredibly become a hobby next to he monumental task of raising good humans.  My art would have to wait; it would wait for me; I hoped, because it IS me.  And it is...with each work I see the collective energy of phases, seasons, and blocks of my life.  My psyche is all over the work, the human interest, the sadness, the joy, the unbearable likeness of truth.  Even in small doses, the work tells a story; my story.  

I believe that fine art is about the supernatural, the emotive, and the spiritual. Anything different from that I'd rather not participate.  I'm happy to finally have a website that encompasses everything in the last several years, I am asserting myself in a way that I've not done before and it feels good to have representation...of myself, and over myself.  

That said its time for me to make a proper go of supporting myself through my art making.  So please reach out ot me if there is something of interest to you. Everything on this website is for sale.  We can absolutely barter.  

Dede Falcone